Posted by: irishhungercomm | May 13, 2010

Keeping the Memory of the Victims Alive

Bill Fahey is constantly seeking out others who are working to keep the memory of Victims of the Great Hunger.  Bill recently received this communication:

Dear Mr. Fahey,

I write with regard to the forthcoming National Famine Memorial Day.

I have only discovered AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR THE COMMEMORATION OF VICTIMS OF THE IRISH HUNGER (1845-1851) this evening and wished to let you know that I and an Irish colleague started an aligned group on the website Facebook approximately two weeks ago.  Cyberspace is a rather large place, and we had not discovered any one for any group publicizing NFMD here in North America.  Since then we’ve discovered a number of sites but few willing to confine their objectives to the following: making the Irish the Diaspora aware of the Irish commemoration, and secondly, asking Irish people to pause at noontime on May 16 for a moment of silent remembrance of the victims of an Gorta Mor.

Shown below are some correspondence between us and minister O Cuiv’s committee for the observance of national famine memorial day at ourselves, as well as between us and the publisher of the Irish Echo. These should demonstrate our serious intent.

I don’t know if or how we can assist each other, but I thought you should be aware of us.  I invite you in your colleagues to visit our page on Facebook, and to join the group if you so desire. Please see

Additionally, we have made similar comments on, an Irish Diaspora site.

There are no commitments.  On the Facebook page, we’ve posted a number of videos made by my colleague Alan Hennessy where Alan walks through some of the graveyards and gravesites in Co. Cork that contain the remains of the victims.  It’s very powerful.

Additionally, we’ve been contacted by Olivia Blanch, where the founding members of the famine memorial day committee and without whose dedication and determination, the Memorial Day probably would not be observed.

Publicizing NFMD  has been an uphill battle for us and I would imagine for you, too. The good news is there is interest in  an Gorta Mor-not everyone is a ‘plastic paddy.’ Hopefully, in 2011, our collective 2000 will be 200,000 or even greater.

Regards/  Le gach deá ghuí/  Saludos

Terrance O’Dwyer

If you know of others working to preserve the memory of the Victims of the Great Hunger please leave details in the comments section below.



  1. An Gorta Mor Mass and Memorial, Brooklyn Michigan St. Joseph’s Shrine with the St. Patrick’s Division AOH AN GORTA MOR Monument, will be held May 16, 2010, at 2 P.M., St. Patrick’s Division, Lenawee County, MI, Sean Murphy President.

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